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Music has always been a big part of my life. Whether listening to KINK 101.9 in the car on the way to school, or taking piano lessons every Monday afternoon, music was always around. In the Winter of 2012 I really started diving into songwriting again, and found it fertile ground for storytelling and self-reflection. Music is a way for me to process and share the events and lessons of my life. I value it for the singular nature of songwriting and reflection, as well as the collaborative effort of taking a song and moving it from an acoustic guitar to a full band.

Taller Younger Brother

TYB began as my solo project after Fennec. I was heading out on an open-ended road trip to experience new parts of the country, and look for a possible new home to put my heels up. I recorded our first EP, Party at The End of the World, with Steve Sarmiento at the Fox Den before leaving town. While I was away Joe Zingone added his drum talent to the tracks. Six weeks into my trip, I had decided to call the Bay Area home a little longer. I returned, and we started taking the TYB tracks from singer-songwriter to a full band. Upon Joe’s departure to San Diego, Riki Newton took over on the drums, and Connor Bennette joined us on the bass. We call ourselves Post-Americana. Our songs lean heavily on classic rock n’ roll traditions and are driven by lyrical storytelling, but we also like to get spaced out and jam a bit. Check out our EP below, and keep your eyes open for our next one in Spring 2018.


Fennec was my first foray into being in a band since high school. It consisted of myself, Mary Lucus-Flannery, Steven Sarmiento, and Joe Zingone. Mary, Steve and I all wrote songs, and took turns singing lead. It was an awesome collaboration, and allowed us to flex different muscles in our creativity, songwriting, and management. We recorded our Keep Your EP at the Fox Den in Hayward, Ca. I remember singing the vocals in the coat closet under the stairs. We have an unreleased album we recorded at Moondog Studios in Alameda, Ca, engineered by Jara Ra, that will be coming out in 2018. Fennec played our last show the night before I left town, March 31st, 2016. We disbanded, but continue to work together on other creative collaborations.

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