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Hi! I’m Kyle and

I am a Storyteller.

I am a Seeker.

I am a Creator.

After years of self-reflection and obfuscation I have become comfortable with the knowledge that I am a jack of all trades. The follow-up of that adage used to scare the shit out of me; “Master of none….”  but I said F-word that! I am a jack of all trades, and moving towards mastery in all of them!

This site is intended to share with you the various pieces of myself. The various trades if you will. It is designed in hopes that it can begin to share my story. But we are more than the sum of our parts. If you are intrigued by what you see, if the puzzle starts to come together, or you find yourself down a winding rabbit hole and want to keep going, drop me a line! Let’s connect, share, seek, collaborate, and create together. Let’s dive into our messy middle, and have a great story on the other side!